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What they'll get:

  • High-Definition Digital Download of the Complete Event
  • Unlimited Replays
  • Bonus: The Sound of Music: Medicine of the Future by John Stuart Reid (As seen at True Healing Conference)
  • Bonus: The Secret Intelligence of Water Presentation by Veda Austin (As seen at True Healing Conference)
  • Live Cymaplate Performance
  • Musical Intrerludes by Internationally renowned musicians
  • Live Audience Interactive Q&A
  • Special Round-table discussion with Andrew Kaufman, M.D.
  • Introduction to the DNA Reprogramming Protocol by Annaliese Reid 

Plus, they will receive these additional five Free Bonus PDF articles:

  1. Sound Therapy & Music Medicine 101 PDF Article
  2. Sound Therapy & Music Medicine 201 (Biological Mechanisms) PDF Article 
  3. The Curious Concert Pitch Conflict Part 1 (History and Basic Principles) PDF Article
  4. The Curious Concert Pitch Conflict Part 2 (A Scientific Perspective on 432Hz, 440Hz and 444Hz) PDF Article
  5. The Therapeutic Power of Vocal Sound PDF Article

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